Howard Jones

Award Winning Master of Ceremonies

“Howard was very approachable and personable; he really made a difference to our wedding day experience. All our guests absolutely adored him. He did an amazing job of balancing the coordination on the day and keeping to time whilst remaining friendly, professional and efficient.”

Undoubtedly, weddings are expensive and many couples spend vast amounts on clothing, flowers, cars and cake – but disregard the importance of the proper direction of the proceedings.  How many times have you been a wedding guest, wandering around with a glass in your hand and wondering what happens next and who is supposed to be in charge?

When you reminisce about your wedding breakfast, will you recall it merely as a meal with a few speeches at the end?  It should be a properly structured occasion, warmly punctuated with memorable highlights… imagine cutting your wedding cake with my ceremonial sword!

Howard's expert assistance in planning and then gently directing the day will transform your event; you will benefit from a complete absence of stress and your guests will feel happily involved.

Then, all you have to do is to relax and enjoy

the most wonderful day in your life!

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